Saturday, May 1, 2010

On To Cambridge - April 30. Friday

It was quite sad to leave Manchester. We had such a good time there: history to see, our first real experience with ancient spaces to sing in, Karaoke, learning how to use European toilets, and simply enjoying being part of the adventure. We packed and left (right on time) and drove for 4 hours across several shires to Cambridge. Once there our bus left us off a distance from the center of the city which is pedestrian and bicycle only and we walked to St. Mary’s Church where we had some free time to get lunch, followed by a walking tour of downtown Cambridge. Our guides told us about the university system, the colleges and how they all fit together. Only 18,000 students at Cambridge. It is very beautiful with wonderful architecture and lots of history. We even stopped on the site of the pub(no longer there) where English reformers such as Latimer discussed the works of Martin Luther. There is a pub up the street that bears a plaque honoring two of its patrons and the discovery of the structure of DNA that was first mapped out there(Watson and Crick). With 800 years of history it is no wonder that the university has so many famous alumni–including our own Dr. Kraemer. The lawns are green and with all the rain it is a treat for the eyes. We got to our hostel late in the afternoon(much smaller and less modern than our first one which we hear is the best one–too bad). Supper was at Pizza Express a very nice place in an old building on “Jesus Street”–very fitting for our choir. It was cooler and raining so many tried to catch up on their sleep. English countryside and cambridge. A good day to remember.

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