Monday, May 10, 2010

Yes, We Got Home Okay

Our last morning was a busy one. We got up and packed and boarded the bus to the airport but first we stopped for some shopping which everyone enjoyed. At the airport we said good-bye first to Mark who helped us so much and went beyond the call of duty several times. David helped us get checked in and through security and promised to remain until we were in the air. Unfortunately he had to wait because our flight was delayed because of the ongoing impact of the volcano. We finally were able to lift off but our flight was over an hour longer because we had to do a bit of a detour over Norway to get around the volcanic ash. Tired and a bit blurry we arrived in Edmonton to the waiting arms of our family and friends. There are more post scripts to come but we want to thank all who made this great experience possible and especially our Lord for His ongoing protection and care. The elephants were all over London, painted in many different patterns which we found amusing.

Last Evening in London

Before returning to our Hostel to change into our finery we had a great tour of the Royal Albert Hall.

We ate, we laughed, we cried and we said good-bye to some new friends David and Mark. We even made the waitress cry when we sang her our thank-you song.

Mark on the left and David on the right. We could not have had a better team to guide us through our tour. Blessings and thanks to you both.

Last Concert

Before going to our last concert we had to stop at Canada House to pick up a passport. At our rehearsal in Cambridge we were the victim of a theft and so, with the help of all, Chelsea was able to get her passport back and return with us to Canada.

We sang at the Lutheran Church just a few blocks from St. Paul's Cathedral. The congregation was very welcoming and were rewarded with our best concert. A great way to end a great year for the choir. The Lutheran Church was designed by Christopher Wren and build shortly after the great fire of London in 1666.

With thanks we joined in prayer to mark the end of the time of singing for the 2009 - 2010 version of the Concordia Concert Choir. SOB!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Last Day - Friday

A quick update and then more after we get home. We had our final concert today at St. Anne and St. Agnes Lutheran Church a few blocks from St. Paul's. It was a great concert with some of the best pieces to date. The congregation was really appreciative. Saddness was real as it was realized that this was the last concert and last time this edition of the Concordia Choir would sing together. The final piece brought tears. Then in the afterglow we went for a tour of Albert Hall. We almost heard Don McLean (American Pie) rehearse but he was late and so we only heard a few bars through the doors. We have our final supper together tonight and then off to the airport. I will fill in a few more blogs with updates and things we forgot to include earlier on. Thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement of our choir.

Thursday: Fan Dabby Dozy

This morning after we got on the bus our “COACH” driver Mark, who comes from Liverpool and has been trying to educate us about “Scouse” or the local slang there taught us the title word today which means: Good or great which pretty well sums up how things have been going for us.
Part one of the day was to drive through the south western part of England to Cantebury Cathedral where we learned a lot about history, especially Thomas a Becket. The Cathedral is huge and we had tours of it and the town. Our small concert was in the main part of the cathedral which is quite an honor.
At around 4 we got back on the bus for the ride back (a few sleepers were noticed) and were taken to the West End of London for a time to eat and then go to the extra bonus event. This was a highlite of the trip. About 2/3 of us went to “Wicked” advertized as a parallel to the Wizard of Oz. It took us by a great surprise. The costumes, the singing, the dancing, the sets and the story were all enchanting and it was a great treat to be able to see this, now famous, play in London with our friends. About 1/3 took the time to explore downtown London and go to the London eye. It, in all, was a great day. Just when we thought we couldn’t pack any more great experiences into one day – we did. In 24 hours: Macbeth, Singing in Cantebury Cathedral and then Wicked. Wow!!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, London Pictures

Pictures from our tour of London, The Tower of London and Tower Bridge. There are brightly painted Elephants everywhere that caught the attention of choir members. The evening at the Globe was moving with Macbeth.