Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday: Fan Dabby Dozy

This morning after we got on the bus our “COACH” driver Mark, who comes from Liverpool and has been trying to educate us about “Scouse” or the local slang there taught us the title word today which means: Good or great which pretty well sums up how things have been going for us.
Part one of the day was to drive through the south western part of England to Cantebury Cathedral where we learned a lot about history, especially Thomas a Becket. The Cathedral is huge and we had tours of it and the town. Our small concert was in the main part of the cathedral which is quite an honor.
At around 4 we got back on the bus for the ride back (a few sleepers were noticed) and were taken to the West End of London for a time to eat and then go to the extra bonus event. This was a highlite of the trip. About 2/3 of us went to “Wicked” advertized as a parallel to the Wizard of Oz. It took us by a great surprise. The costumes, the singing, the dancing, the sets and the story were all enchanting and it was a great treat to be able to see this, now famous, play in London with our friends. About 1/3 took the time to explore downtown London and go to the London eye. It, in all, was a great day. Just when we thought we couldn’t pack any more great experiences into one day – we did. In 24 hours: Macbeth, Singing in Cantebury Cathedral and then Wicked. Wow!!!!!

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