Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday May 2 - Church Day

Today we spent a lot of time in church. After breakfast we took the bus down to Great St. Mary’s Church to practice for music in the worship this morning. Joy says this morning went very smoothly and was glad we had the practice back in Edmonton at Holy Trinity. The first university church dates from the 1300's so the ministry is very old. It was a good experience after which we went for lunch in the inner part of Cambridge. At 1 we went to King’s College for a special afternoon. For two hours we had a special workshop with Stephen Cleobury who gave some great tips for improving our music. After that we walked around the beautiful court yard to the Kings College Chapel we were able to be part of the congregation at the Evensong service. Kings College Chapel is huge and beautiful. The boys choir sang the music and were conducted by Stephen Cleobury. It again was a great experience. After time for supper uptown we came back to the hostel where everyone chilled out to play games and do email.
A great day for experiencing church music.
Update: Some have wondered why the initial emphasis on potties!!. Some had trouble getting them to flush but Megan tells us that she now can get them to flush. There was just a lot of history connected to the development of toilets.

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