Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, Last Day in Cambridge,

We got on the bus at 10 am and drove downtown, or at least all of us except 10 who were taken by Mark our “Coach - not bus”:driver to ride horse in the English Countryside. The rest of us did some last minute museum visiting, shopping, eating at some special places, buying a suit and getting a haircut. Yes, David with the long locks tried out British haircutting in preparation for our special evening at Selwyn. We gathered at 4:30 for the walk to Selwyn where we had choir practice with the Selwyn choir in preparation for the Choral evensong.
Guest blogger Anna now shares the horse adventure. Hey everyone! Hello from a coach on the way to London! A few days ago a couple of us had the idea that for our day in Cambridge when we had a lot of time off, we would try and go riding (hacking) in the English countryside. By the time we finalized our plans, our group consisted of 9 riders, 1 photographer and our awesome coach driver. Initially we were planning on taking a cab or a bus to the stables which was 8 miles north of town but our afore mentioned AWESOME coach driver offered to drive us to the stables and partake in our shenanigans. Our driver, Mark, said that we were a far-cry to the quiet choir members he first met in Manchester. This was definitely reinforced with hearty renditions of songs of Grease blaring over the coach speakers (especially the performance by Megan). After lunch of fish and chips in a tiny village on the way, these Albertan cowgirls and boys hopped onto their horses saddled in the English style. A funny point was that Megan, who was the tallest one of the group, had the shortest horse; Lynsey, who had the tallest horse can be quoted as saying whilst riding “Megan I think you’re head is at least a foot and a half lower than my butt!”. Other than John’s horse walking away without him mounted, the ride went very well with the riders who had never ridden before even learning how to do a rising trot along the fresh green roadside. All in all it was a fabulous outing made all the better by clear skies, great fellowship and no rain!! Speaking of Selwyn!!! A good time was had by all. We sang well with the Selwyn choir and then processed to their stately dining hall, not quite Harry Potter, but close enough for us. The meal was supurb and magical. A special salad, broccoli, potatoes and a lamb steak, followed by a fabulous creme brule. Wine was served. It was very stately with the Selwyn students all dressed up in their finerary since the evening was a special one where students get “married” as part of a mentoring program. Canadian students and British students really enjoyed their time together but alas we had to depart so with sad farewells the “students” boarded the bus and had to wait for Joy and Lorne who had been seated with the faculty and had been whisked off to a post meal party. Finally we pried them away from their colleagues and boarded the bus for London. It will be a late night.


  1. I'm surprised that Anna didn't figure out a way to go 'hacking' with the Queen. Mind you, there still is time left in the trip.

  2. The word Bus is mentioned far to many times it is a COACH a COACH just in case you did not get it.But what a great day