Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bits and Pieces

***Beef with Yorkshire pudding in York.
We are having such a good time that a lot of things don't get into the blog. For are liking it. British breakfasts of sausages, english bacon, eggs, potatoe patties, and heinz beans are to our liking. Cornish Pastys are a big hit since they are hot, good, and tastey. Salmon pastys are well liked in addition to the traditional steak and leak ones. Joy and the rest are not having a tough time finding a Starbucks because they are everywhere here. We've had fish and chips (okay). Scones clotted cream and jam are a hit. But the big hit is: Tatties, a local baked potatoe place. The chili one is good, as is the hummas and olive one (an English minor is correcting my writing as we go) , chicken and salsa is also suggested. Cafe Concerto is already a favorite for others. It is clear that we are not starving and though food isn't as fast as we are used to, it is good, hot and relatively cheap. Wendy and Bill went to a local pub last night and had "Bubble and Squeak." More to come.

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