Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day At York: Thurs. April 29

After breakfast we boarded the Coach(not to be called a bus) for our trip to York. We learned a lot about British roads and history along the way. Once in York we went to York Minster Anglican Cathedral. From our arrival until 1 we were taken on a walking tour of the city and saw places like the Shambles, and medieval and roman walls, gates, and ruins dating back before Henry VIII. We got a lot of info on the history of toilets throughout British history. York is rich in history. At one we entered the Minster which is huge. It is an awesome place, filled with history and now the Concordia Concert Choir. The choir had a chance to sing several selections in the cathedral. After singing in the wonderful acoustics of the ancient space we moved to St. Mary’s chapel in the cathedral and sang again. WOW!!!!! The sound was overwhelming for the choir members. The remainder of the afternoon choir members went about York: eating, cornish pasties, yorkshire pudding, visiting Roman Baths and ruins, and the many shops in very old buildings. Even though it was raining we had a great day before returning to Manchester for our last night there. Anna walked the whole outer wall (3.5Miles). Some are still having issues with flushing British toilets. To sing in such spaces is overwhelming. Too bad all back home could not see our faces when we sang Hodie in the Minster. More fun days yet to come. Tomorrow - On to Cambridge. We also found out that it was at York that Emperor Constantine actually became emperor.


  1. Awesome! It sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time - I mean, how could you not, it's England right! Gosh, why all the toliet history, I feel like there's a story behind that one. Anyways Concordia COncert Chior, praying for you guys, keep it real as you represent in the UK!

  2. Thank you for the new posts ~ we look forward to seeing more as the tour progresses.

  3. Thank you, Garry, for keep us informed of all the happenings in England. We are praying for health, safety and especially FUN times had by all! A Grateful Mom