Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wish You Were Here

We hear it is snowing back in Edmonton.....

Wednesday - London
Yes it was a late night and it was while to get settled ...BUT WE ARE IN LONDON!! This morning we got to sort of sleep in and boarded the bus at 10 for a bus tour of downtown London: We saw lots of London: Parliament buildlings, Big Ben, St. Paul’s, Buckingham Palace, the bridges, and more. We ended up at the tower of London where we had time for lunch and then a tour of the tower area and the museums there. Our first stop was to see and learn about the crown jewels. We spent a few hours getting in touch with the history that went back to Roman times(before 1066 and William the Conqueror who built the first tower). There is also a great view of tower bridge and so we had lots to see and do. A lot of information to soak up.
About 5 we gathered and walked across the tower bridge and along the Thames to an area where we could get food and then on to a surprise of an evening. We saw Macbeth performed at the Globe theatre. It was cool to be in the theatre(faithful recreation) of the original venue for Shakespeare’s plays. Quite a brutal play but amazing to watch and a treat to see it here. We walked across the Millenium Bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral where the bus, oops....COACH. Picked us up and back to the hostel after a very long day.
We have a real problem remembering to call what we are on a COACH and not a bus but we are getting better at it. A day of pictures, London, and the realization that we have such a short time left. So far no one has been lost, left behind though we have found that the Canadian Embassy is quite helpful when needed. Well, that’s all from the wandering choir. It seems just when we can’t get more in the day...we do.

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  1. Garry: I thank you very much for your wonderful updates on the terific choir tour of England. I check the site every night and early morning to catch up on your day's event and also to glimspe my daughter, Kimberly Adams.
    It must be so exciting to be there and to sing in some of the most beautiful historial churches. Your group must be over the moon. I wish I could be there to hear their voices.
    Enjoy your remaining days and events.
    Thank You
    Joanne Gibson