Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28 - Manchester

We got up and had a late breakfast in the hostel. With maps in hand we spread out to see the downtown of Manchester which is just a bit smaller but much older than Edmonton. There is a lot to see and it was a good day to move beyond our jet lag. Tonight is our first concert in downtown Manchester. While walking today some of us saw signs about a special concert for Haiti featuring the CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF EDMONTON CHOIR. After a mid afternoon nap we are off for rehearsal with the choir we are sharing the concert with tonight.
Our concert at St. Annes church was a great success. St.Annes (1721) dates back to the early day Manchster and it’s bell tower marks the geographical center of the city. We shared the evening with a high school choir from Bolton School, a very accomplished chamber choir. The final piece was Handel’s Messiah where both choirs were combined. It was the ending to a wonderful day and the hospitality of the local people was overwhelming. After the concert many went for food and we tried to visit a former city public toilet converted to a pub called the Temple of Convenience. It was really too small, but we took a look and a picture just to know we were there.

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