Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are Off(Sorry for the wait)

We Are Off....

Everyone got to the airport on time and our flight to London was quiet and uneventful. We got to Heathrow Airport and thanks to one of our colleagues from Concordia also on the flight we made a swift transfer to our connecting terminal for our flight to Manchester. After a few hours wait we were ready to leave—except–we lost two. When all of us were in the departure lounge we realized two were missing. We got on the plane wondering what had happened to them and we couldn’t go back through security to look for them. Just as the door was to close they came onto the plane. They had fallen asleep in the terminal and woke up time to make it. Not to mention any names but we are glad that Megan and Kristin managed to get a bit more sleep than the rest of us. We got to Manchester(5 p.m.) okay, met our guide and boarded our bus. All our luggage arrived with us so we all got to the youth hostel and after settling in went out for a very nice supper at 7:30 p.m.. It goes without saying that most of us were more than ready to get back and settle in for the night. The Youth Hostel is new and we are in a very historic part of the city with Roman Ruins, canals, old rail bridges, and the oldest passenger train station(now a Museum) built in 1831. We are two blocks from Granada TV studios and the set of “Coronation Street”. A lot of the area looks like Coronation Street.

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